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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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i'm ayman momohyeldin. we're following two big stories. trump's pitch to motor city. the gop nominee working to court black voters speaking earlier at a predominantly black church promising to continue the legacy of lincoln by reforming the system that he claims clept the community pressed. tracking hermine. no longer a hurricane but the post tropical cyclone continues to pick up steam. one life lost. thousands in the dark. residents wa s bracing for a devastating storm surge. >> the authorities here in virginia beach are encouraging people to spend a limited amount of time outside. 30,000 homes have already lost power as a result of this storm, and they fear it's going to be worse. >> but we start with donald trump's minority outreach in detroit. just a short time ago, donald trump finished a tour of detroit neighborhoods.
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he shook hands with local residents. the republican nominee's visit started when he attended a great faith ministries church service this morning. >> i will support your church. always. and defend your right to orship. to important. i'm here today to listen to your message, and i hope my presence here will help your voice to reach new audiences in our country and many of these audiences desperately need your spirit and your thought. >> donald trump pledged to rebuild the african-american community. >> as i prepare to campaign across the nation, and in every community, i'll have an opportunity to lay out my plans of economic change, it will be so good for detroit and this community. because we're going to bring jobs back. i will have a chance -- thank you, to bring them back. taking them back from mexico and everywhere else. >> but outside the church
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emotions were heated. in fact, protesters took to the streets. not happy about donald trump's arrival. nbc's jacob rascon joins us live from detroit. i know you were there throughout the service and gauging the pulse of the community outside of it. talk to us about at protests, when they started, and their reaction now. >> reporter: it started a couple of hours before trump arrived. they didn't want him in their neighborhood. as far as those inside listening to what trump had to said. a lot of those were genuinely surprised, they said, at the tone and said it was a a good start. they said it's only 67 days before the election. they wonder if it's too late. a lot were taught to be loving, to welcome, and to hope for change and willing to listen. when people say they want to change. some of them said it simply was too late. even though they like what they heard, it was one visit to one black church, and that they'll be looking to see what he does from here on out. but they don't think their mind
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will be changed. that was some of them. take a listen to what others had to say. >> his message was his commitment to, first of all, that the african-american church is a corner stone and always been a corner stone but the message he got out is the african-american church is a corner stone for our country. that's a message that we have not heard. it was genuine, it was authentic, and it was warm. >> reporter: this, of course, comes the context is that after weeks of criticism that he was taking his pitch to black voters to largely white communities. i mean, there were some of the speeches unscripted talking about african-american voters. you would look out and it would be difficult to find a single african-american voter. his krcritics said why don't yo take it to black audiences? he's done that. a lot of those said his actions and other words may speak louder than one visit.
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they'll be looking to see what he does from here. one woman put it this way. he as lot of make up work to do. >> nbc's jacob rascon live in detroit. thank you. let's go to tremaine lee. i know you've been in detroit for the past several days. seven out of eight people are african-american in that community. did trump win any of them over? what are you hearing from them in terms of his message, his attempted outreach falling on deaf ears or could it sway the needle in his favor? >> ayman, thanks. i think it depends on the baseline. i think folks in this church behind us came with an open heart. as true christians and as members of this church they wanted to make sure they were hospitable to their guest. they wanted to come with open arms. but few said they would now vote for donald trump after a 15 minute speech. but one thing they did say is he came with what they believe was an honest heart. he was genuine. and for the first time stepping into this black church a
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milestone for donald trump, we haven't seen him around any black folks or in a black church, especially. he came in a manner they haven't seen before. they didn't get the insults. you got an open heart and a well-scripted dialogue. it was outreach, nonetheless. i spent time talking with folks inside the church as well as outside. let's take a listen to what one had to say. >> it was a planned strategy for him to come in and to have a more softened approach. i do believe that he was able to see something different. that he was able to have a different type of experience that will enlighten him and it may enlighten him moving forward. you know, this may have been an educational moment for him. an experience he never had before. so the softening -- it may have been genuine. simply because of his experience. we may see a different donald
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trump. >> reporter: will it change the way you are voting in november? >> it will not change the way i'm voting. >> ayman, i think that's the take away here. perhaps in this theaterics leading up to the event. the well choreographed timing. turning people away who didn't have tickets. in the end donald trump may benefit more than the people here. almost to a person they said that hopefully they left donald trump with the seeds of, you know, that warm heart and a christian spirit. no matter who he was and the rhetoric they heard that many said they felt they were disrespected by. they showed him something he hasn't seen before. something a number of them said they haven't heard from donald trump until today. >> msnbc's tremaine lee in detroit. with the beginning of the week i'm sure we'll get new polls reflecting whether or not the outreach made any impact. the other major story this saturday hermine. the storm is charging up the
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east coast and forecasted to grow to hurricane strength by tomorrow. it could make a mess of labor day weekend for tens of millions with many states preparing for coastaling flooding. meanwhile in virginia the big concern there now is dangerous storm surge. that's where we find nbc's kerry sanders. he's in virginia beach are hermine is battering the coast. we spoke earlier in the day. give us a sense of how the community is readying itself for what is developing hour by hour? >> reporter: things are actually improving now. the high tide has gone out now. so we're losing the tide, which is good. that high tide was almost as high as we had during hurricane sandy. you can see the trucks going back and forth. that truck picking up some of the debris here along the beach on the board walk. the wind is less than earlier. at one point i could barely stand. there's a tremendous wind but the wind that had been blowing that direction is now blowing
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this direction. there's a fair amount of disappointment in the community, too. a lot of people came to the beach this weekend for lyrics of the sea, there's a dark cloud rising from the desert floor, i'm going to pack my bags and head straight into the storm. it's a lyric from -- bruce springsteen supposed to have a concert here tonight. a lot of people disappointed because they came to the beach for a bruce springsteen concert. it's been postponed until monday. it's hard for people to, first of all, they rented hotel rooms, and second they were preparing to, on monday, go back because their kid have to go to school and everything else. a fair amount of disappointment. in the area where i am not far in hamiltpton roads we have localized flooding. it's being battled with sandbags. that effort is sort of iffy. in some cases they're winning. in some cases, unfortunately, they're losing ayman. >> kerry, in the event of that
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officials have a chance to advise people out there in terms behalf they should be doing. i saw someone running by a short while ago while you were doing your stand up there. are people heeding the warning of officials to stay indoors or what have they been asked by officials to do and combat the flooding? >> reporter: understanding that the officials have not specifically said you must stay indoors and lock yourself down, but they're encouraging people to be smart about this. they know people are going to go outside. they want to look. they want to experience. they want to stand like this when the wind is blowing hard. but they don't want people to get in their cars and drive around. the same wind can throw a car over two lanes and cause a traffic accident. they're encouraging people to go out and remember to look up before they go out. as we saw in florida a tree limb broke on a man and killed him. there are dangers at play. they told people, and you see people running in the background here and those folks down there by the water's edge, that's not the smartest thing to do.
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and the authorities have been coming up-and-down. some people were swimming. a big no-no. the reason it's not really the smartest thing to do is there are rogue waves that can sort of come in and catch you off guard. in fact, i've got my back to the water but i'm well up from the water there just in case that rogue wave were to come in. as for battling the flooding, at the end of the day, the efforts are, as we talked about, sandbagging but when mother nature brings water, if your wall is going to hold, it's going it. if the water comes higher, you can't win. >> kerry sanders in virginia beach. thank you. for more on the storm's path we want to turn to msnbc's meteorologist. she's been following it. bonnie, give us an update on the forecast. has it gained strength today? more importantly, what is the biggest threat with the storm in the days ahead? >> i would say coastal flooding
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is the biggest threat with the storm. it gained strength. it doesn't look that impressive when you look at the radar. it's not the most factor. it's post tropical because it's not over tropical waters. it's actually over some warm water as it moves off the coast. that's why we're looking for more intensity. hurricane strength winds would be 74 miles per hour wind or greater. not officially a hurricane because it's not tropical. we'll see the intensity as far as tomorrow night. we're almost there with maximum winds at 70. and the cycle of the storm slingers. it's not zipping off to the northeast like we would want it to. because it's sticking around cut off from the jet stream spinning off the coast, it's going to be a problem. we're anticipating quite a bit of coastal flooding, particularly on the jersey shore all the way through maryland into delaware and up to long island. some of the worst of it, not just for the carolinas three to five feet amended. that's the time of high tide from virginia with the border of
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north carolina all the way to new jersey and the south shore of long island and likely to see flooding. and look for the threat of flooding north ward to new england. the storm will be around for several days all the way to the middle of next week. so, ayman, unfortunately the tropical storm watches and warnings persist. >> a lot of people concerned about travel is it going to be affected by hermine now? >> not as much by rain but wind. i think we're likely to see airport delays possibly going into tomorrow and labor day. lots of people traveling then. >> meteorologist bonnie schneider. thank you for the update. next back to the other big story of the day. donald trump in detroit working to build african-american voters. bound to carry-on the legacy of president lincoln. >> it's on his legacy i hope to build the future of the party.
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donald trump brought a different tone to detroit today talking to a predominantly black church congregation about education and crime. calling for a new, quote, civil rights agenda. >> i believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time. one that ensures the rights to a great education, so important, and the right to live in safety and in peace. i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination, and there are many wrongs that
12:18 pm
must still be made right. >> tujoining me now is our pane including sara flores. campaign veteran and senior advisor, and mark caputo senior writer for political florida. it's good to have you with us. thank you for joinings us. let's talk about the outreach. here's what trump had to say yesterday about the black community. >> it's disgraceful, frankly, with respect to the african-american community. and how badly they have been treated by the democrats that are run the inner-cities for so long. >> so, sara, just a day apart but a different tone coming out of him today. can you consolidate the ideas into one clear cohesive message? >> absolutely. i think that, a., it doesn't do any good to talk about these issues if you don't have candidates going and doing them.
12:19 pm
hillary clinton disappeared for the last can couple of weeks raising a lot of money. she hasn't been campaigning. i think that's a good thing. do i think that trump will magically, you know, get 50% of the vote? probably not. but i do think that -- i don't question his sin sincerity. >> a lot of speculation that the trump campaign is trying to do that. soften his appeal to white voters. particularly white women. currently trump is losing white women with a college degree by 30 points. that's a group that mitt romney won. 60% say that trump is biassed toward women and minorities. my question is, trump could be trying to court those voters. should the clinton campaign be concerned that he is either softening his position or making the outreach to groups that are, at least according to the polls, in her camp? >> look, i think when it comes to that part of the polling,
12:20 pm
it's pretty baked in. i don't think he'll do much to change that. it might move a little bit, but, look, this was, as we were talking about. this was not about the african-american community. this outreach. the minority outreach. it's a photo op. and like we're saying, he's trying to soften and reach out to the white suburban moms and independent voters. that's number one. if it changes, it'll remain to be seen. i think it move it a little bit because at the end of the cday, voters don't want to vote for someone who is proven to be a zo zone phobic. >> trump has one campaign office in florida. we talked a lot about his immigration message throughout the week. it was all over the news. when it comes to reaching out to latino voters in florida, do you think that the donald trump campaign has the infrastructure and the resources to effectively do that? >> if they have the infrastructure and the resources, no one has seen them.
12:21 pm
the problem donald trump has is he's had months of rhetoric that baked in a negative message. not just in the black community but certainly in the latino community. since 2012, the number of hispanic voters has grown by about 245,000 in the state. the number of overall voters has grown by about 437,000. the roles are browner, so to speak. the percentage of white voters has decreased to about 66%. the percent of hispanic voters has increased to over 15%. polling now is getting slaughtered with black and brown voters. he's not doing exceptionally well or better than other republicans among nonhispanic whites. you put it together and see why trump is losing florida in the current polling. we don't have an election day in florida. we have election days. early voting by absentee ballot will begin next month. we're a month out. there's no evidence that the trump campaign is doing enough on the ground to get things done while he just has one campaign office here. hillary clinton's campaign has
12:22 pm
51. >> yeah. that's an interesting point. you talk about how close we are to the election. let me ask you about trump touring detroit with ben carson. why are we seeing an event like this happen now 66 days away from the election? >> i think that's a credit to kelley anne conway's influence and perhaps why you might have a pollster at the top of your campaign from now on. that being said, i think that the ground game will matter but the next big opportunity to change these poll numbers in any dramatic fashion they u may tighten over the next couple of weeks. that first debate will be a make or break. anything between now and then, i think you're moving on the margin. but the debate will be watched by so many people. more probably than we've had before. and it's an opportunity to make real strides against that. >> yeah. a lot of people saying it could be a record-breaking debate. minority outreach is a focus for
12:23 pm
the trump campaign given the past couple of weeks in immigration and the african-american community. when it comes to the debates, how will clinton push back against trump's idea of a, quote civil rights agenda? >> she has a lot to work for. his words have been anti-immigration and wanting to ban muslims and also just, you know, attacking just a gold-star family. she has a lot there. as we've seen her do before when she surgically has gone after donald trump when it was economy, foreign policy, or his connection to the all right. i think it that will be easy for her to do. at the end of the day, a lot of these numbers are baked in. we should be looking at the ground game. there were reports that came out that said she has multiple options to getting to 270 and he has none. so the ground game here is going
12:24 pm
to be clear in north carolina early voting starts next week. there's a lot of issues on the ground for the trump campaign. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. we'll talk to you later on in the show. breaking news as we continue to monitor post tropical storm hermine. the storm blamed on a second death. officials in north carolina reporting the second death after the first death in florida. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief.
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12:28 pm
modern civil rights agenda. >> our political system has failed the people and works only to enrich itself. i want to reform that system so it works for you. nerve this room. >> as we mentioned, we continue to follow breaking developments with hermine as the storm makes the way up to the east coast. officials in north carolina confirming just moments ago a second death related to that storm. a truck driver was killed when his tractor trailer overturned on the highway on a bridge, it seems, according to the picture. in new jersey governor christie declared a state of emergency for three coastal counties. officials are asking visitors to leave cape may due to the possibility of a life threatening storm surge from the tropical storm hermine. new fall out from the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail server. what newly-released documents reveal about her time as secretary of state. plus, a look at her noticeable absence from the campaign trail. could an out of sight out of
12:29 pm
mind strategy get her across the finish line in november? our panel returns to weigh in next. when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need. ♪ thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide 15 million vaccines through the un foundation. it's that easy to make a difference. ♪ walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. back to politics and more e-mail controversy for hillary clinton. the fbi released its notes friday from their interview with clinton in july. it reveals the fbi found over 17,000 e-mails not turned over to the state department. clinton could not recall all the briefings due to concussion suffered in 2012. she also relied on her staff to use their judgment when e-mailing her and did not know the letter "c" meant confident considerable. clinton never deleted or instructed anyone to delete e-mails to avoid recordkeeping compliance. msnbc's political correspondent kasie hunt joins me. you've been following the story from multiple angles. how are the new rev laces playing out today? >> reporter: hi, ayman.
12:33 pm
there's no real big smoking gun here in this interview notes that were released. there are a series of -- and you went through a couple. new pieces of information about how she handled her e-mails. notingly she did not know what the "c" meant. you remember fbi director comey said there were a couple of e mails marked classified but inappropriately marked. it was not marked in the header of the e-mail as normally be expected. we know there were all these e-mails still out there. comey said as much during the press conference he had earlier this year. the challenge for hillary clinton, of course, is that this is probably going to continue to follow her throughout the next couple of months. we're expecting potentially more of those e-mails that were missing to come out and, of course, donald trump wants to keep talking about it. here is what he had to say about the fbi interview yesterday on the campaign trail. >> why don't they have tape recordings of this meeting?
12:34 pm
they're taking notes of the meeting. the notes are are horrible, by the way, for her. why wasn't she put on tape? who heard of a thing? when they break into a mob den there's tapes. they use tapes for everything else. they didn't use tapes to interview hillary clinton. why isn't she on tape? >> he is talking about the fact what we got were notes from the interviews and not the actual interview or recording itself. clinton's campaign said they wanted this information to be out there in the public record. brian fallon, a spokesman out with the statement saying it essentially shows this is why hillary clinton was not prosecuted in the use of these private e-mail server. >> all right. kasie hunt live in washington, d.c. thank you for that. and starting monday hill will share a plane with her traveling press corps.. a big development as the campaign has been under pressure to grant more access to clinton's events and fundraisers. as of today it's been 273 days
12:35 pm
since clinton held a standard news conference. could the new arrangement lead to more access to the nominee? back with me are sara flores, mark caputo. good to have you with us. the l.a. times writing that clinton need to draw attention from trump. 66 days before election day. at what point discuss the run out the clock strategy begin to hurt her? >> we're coming into the last two months of the election cycle. i think we'll see changes post labor day and activity from the campaign with travel from surrogates and hillary clinton. right now the past two weeks are even more donald trump has proven to be a great surrogate for hillary clinton. whether it's getting in a twitter war with a mexican president after visiting his country, or delivering an immigration speech or, you know, attacking gold star family. he's proven to be a great surrogate for her.
12:36 pm
>> and, mark, one of the points that has been criticized clinton campaign she hasn't made herself available to the press in a traditional way holding news conferences and such. the campaign allowing the press to travel with them. something happening normally traditionally. do you think the arrangement will change anything about clinton's habits with the press in that criticism? >> i think she'll change her hasn'ts if she needs to. two years ago at a fund-raiser for charlie crist who was running for governor in florida. she had me and the reporter thrown out of the hotel lobby because we would have seen her at a distance. this is the image management that hillary clinton has. it generally despise the press. trump banned politico because he doesn't like our reporting. we have two candidates. one will become president who have a low regard for a free,
12:37 pm
open, and fair press to be able to examine their candidates and question them. it's a shame. >> sara, the clinton raised a ton of money this month. i think by some estimates about $143 million total. $62 million goes to the campaign. $81 million for the democratic party. this is part of the responsibility of being at the top of the ticket. doesn't it claim to people's concerns about her? >> absolutely. yes donald trump has done quite a bit to overshadow hillary clinton's egregiously bad august. don't make any mistakes. she had a terrible august. her favorable numbers have never gone up. her untrustworthy numbers continue to, you know, make records. i do think it's amazing, and nearly political operative malpractice they're not having her do press conferences. there's nothing like a presidential debate. however, the closest thing you're going to get for your candidate in reality is a press conference. and when a came like hillary
12:38 pm
clinton who has trouble with honesty, evasiveness, difficulty, reacting on her feet i'm stun they'd wouldn't use the next two weeks to put her in front of a fairly hostile press crowd who hasn't been able to ask her any questions now for 273 days. >> clinton's ties to the family foundation have dogged her. here is how biden responded to a question about it this week with kasie hunt. >> do you think americans should be concerned at all about the ethics of the clinton foundation? has the clinton foundation been 100% ethical, in your view? >> i think the clinton foundation, like all foundations found themselves in a position where things are changing and i think she's going to change and adjust to the realities of how complicated it's become. >> is she clearing herself up enough with that? should the foundation have stopped taking foreign donations now? >> well, i think you'll see them stop taking foreign donations. >> a nonanswer answer there. looking ahead to the debates,
12:39 pm
how will clinton handle a question about the family's foundation? is it going to be a shadow over her campaign for the rest of it? >> well, probably. unfortunately because they're making a non issue. the something the foundation didn't do anything wrong. we have trump on the other side with his foundation. there's been reporting of a $25,000 pay for play scenario happening there. still, what are we focussing on? the clinton foundation. is it going to continue to be an issue? yes. it's one of those conspiracy theories that continues to happen when it comes to hillary clinton. in regards to the fundraising, i want to add, look, hillary clinton is playing the long game. we're talking about the ground game. you need to have an army on the ground. we have to win the senate. right. this is a long-term kind of play here. she's running a real campaign. you need money to run a real campaign. so the fundraising apparatus she
12:40 pm
put together, i think, is great. she had a great august and hopefully she'll continue that. >> we learned in an exclusive meet the press interview mike pence said he'll release his tax returns next week and that trump himself would also be releasing his returns at some point. when pressed by chuck todd he repeated a caveat that trump would release after an audit is completed. can trump continue to dodge releasing his taxes? >> i think hillary clinton provides him an opportunity to continue dodging it. her unwillingness to answer questions at a press conference puts it on her heels in terms of attacking hillary clinton for not releasing his tax returns. i think that hillary clinton when it comes to the foundation to the e-mails it's not just the facts of what happened. you know, it was reported on friday they actually and wiped the server after the new york times story came out.
12:41 pm
to be clear, if you are a private corporation who deleted e-mails in anticipation of litigation you would be in trouble. hillary clinton gets pushed back on their heels with the stories. they haven't come up with a great answer with the foundation or the e-mails. they're not putting her in front of a press conference. they should be. >> mark, your final thoughts on the issue of the tax return we learned mike pence announcing. >>well, i'll believe it when i see it. saying it's going to happen after an audit. trump can release any returns any time he wants. he's not for his running mate to say he'll release it after an audit. i'll believe it when i see it. i don't think it's happening before the election. it's a net negative for donald trump. it's not the same thing as hillary clinton not taking questions from the press. i'm in the press. i would love to see her take the tough questions. not releasing her tax returns that's unprecedented in the
12:42 pm
modern era and hurting trump and will continue to do so. >> thank you all for joining us today. happy holidays to you. >> thank you. it's been a year since a single picture brought syria's civil war into focus around the world. a little boy dead. 12 months later has it actually triggered any action? be sure to tune in next hour. richard lui is back with trump's efforts to court minority voters. two members of congress weigh in at the top of the hour 4:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. hey there, starting your search for the right used car?
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12:46 pm
rebels opened up. barrel bombs fell on a funeral ceremony in alepaleppo. joini inin ining -- let's talk kwomts. as we're mentioning it's one year since we saw that picture, you know, on the shore. >> yes. >> a lot people promised action and try to make it stop. a year later it seems we're not there yet. and talks of a cease-fire no tangible results. >> exactly. not only that, it seems that things have only gotten worse since that terrible picture has made it all over the air waves. we have another terrible picture, if you recall, the picture of the little boy that was rescued from the rubble with dust all over his hair and face scratching the blood on the forehead sitting in the ambulance. we're getting more and more of that. not to mention since the picture of the little boy washing up on
12:47 pm
the beach in turkey. we've had the russian air strikes, we've had the turkish incursion. the syrian regime has taken the largest city in the country and put it under siege. sending tens of thousands of people, you know, sort of either under threat of going hungry, people getting displaced, thousands more getting killed. it just gets worse and worse. the refugees -- >> let me pick up on that point quickly about the situation in aleppo. describing it as the apex of or row. what are you hearing? chemical weapons being used? >> you know, unfortunately, i mean, some of us we've been following the wars since before it started, since before the uprising. i was in syria then. i was in syria when it turned into a violent war. i was in syria at the rise of isis. it keeps getting worse. we were hearing about chemical attacks from the beginning of
12:48 pm
the conflict. it was often very low grade. no one paid attention until the big chemical attack in august of 2013. supposedly the assad regime gave up the chemical arsenal. well, you know, since then we have been hearing about other h low-grade chemical attacks. it's been going on. it never really stopped. it gets worse and worse. >> that's despite some international efforts to kind of destroy the chemical weapons, if you will, the weapons that a regime had. let me ask you about the european refugee crisis. that's a situation that hasn't gotten better. what efforts are underway to try to address that the u.s., for its part, accepted the 10,000 syrian refugees it said it was going to accept by the end of this year. is that number enough? what is being done? what more needs to be done? >> you know, i mean, everybody knows that number is just a drop in the bucket.
12:49 pm
i mean, look, one in three -- maybe even one in two syrians has been displaced from their home. either internally or they've had to leave their country. you ask most of them, all they want is to return home. or the ability to just rebuild their lives anywhere they happen to be. they want to be home. they want to be back in their communities. unfortunately, a lot of that is gone forever. destroyed and erased. so, you know, taking 10,000 refugees is just a drop in the bucket. one thing that many of the opposition and many of the civil servants on the ground, many of the civilians have been asking for for five years is air cover to give them humanitarian corridors in safe places, you know, where they can at least pretend that life can somewhat go on and just allow their children to just go outside and smell the air for a day or two, have some school, some normal school days.
12:50 pm
you know, plant trees, have a normal meal. some semblance of a normal life. that's not happening. >> yeah. may be a long time before the word normal can be used to describe anything that goes on in syria. thank you for your insight. for your insights. >> we continue to keep an eye on the breaking news unfolding along the eastern coastline. her mean swirling tropical storm force winds off the coast and raising fears of a washout from virginia all the way up to new jersey. stay with us. 73% of americans try...
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12:53 pm
a tropical storm watch has been issues along the east coast as post tropical cyclone hermine barrels into the northeastern seaboard. governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency in three coastal countieses as the state prepares for impact. concerns over severe damage from the storm surge grow as parts of new jersey are already seeing some serious flooding. nbc's tammy lightner is in
12:54 pm
staeside heights it, new jersey where businesses are still reeling from hurricane sandy. tammy, how is the community there particularly in the wake of what they went through with hurricane sandy and what is now taking place with this tropical storm, any signs of the storm brewing along the shoreline there? are they concerned about that? >> reporter: they're definitely concerned. there's no doubt about that. just 30 minutes ago, the mayor told me they did a reverse 911 call telling all the residents to take in their trash cans and bring any furniture that's not tied down so that it doesn't blow away. the wind has picked it up and so have the waves. if you take a look out there, you can see how big the surf is. it's been increasing over the last hour. just about an hour ago, they pulled everyone off the beach. there are two red flags meaning extreme danger, don't go anywhere near the water. we spoke with business owners up and down the strip and a lot of owners were affected when hurricane sandy came through
12:55 pm
back in 2012. let's liston what one of them had to say. >> safe to say that your business was destroyed with sandy? >> downstairs first and second floor and the basement destroyed. >> reporter: i would imagine there's still some ptsd from sandy with this storm coming. >> yes, there is a little bit. but we don't expect this to be nowhere near like sandy. sandy hit us full force head on. it was there dofor days and day. the weather report just changed. there's no people on the beach, nobody in town. >> this is going to hurt you financially. >> yes, i don't think we're going to have a lot of damage from the rain but i think financially, yes. a lot of people depend on this weekend. >> reporter: as he said, business owners say they've already taken a hit. there's a lot less people out here than there would be on a normal labor day weekend. >> tammy lightner for us in
12:56 pm
seaside heights, new jersey. thank you for the update. that does it for this hour. i'm ayman mohyeldin. richard lui picks up coverage right after this break. stay with us. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. ay strong. stay active with boost®. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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12:59 pm
offering innovative, and convenient ways to bank. easy-to- use chase technology, for whatever you are trying to master. hello to you. i'm richard lui in new york. we begin with breaking news this hour. hermine putting much of the east coast on alert right now. that storm is forecasted to grow hurricane strength by late tomorrow, threatening to make a mess of the labor day weekend for tens of millions of you. in virginia, the big concern right now is the dangerous storm surge. nbc's kerry sanders following conditions in virginia beach for us this hour. kerry, how are people there dealing with the storm so far? >> reporter: it's getting by the minute. you can see some people running but you can see the grass is waving. actually, the real true sign to me things are improving in this area although certainly not clear of any of the threats are
1:00 pm
we just saw birds fly by. the birds have been gone ever since this weather turned nasty. the national guard has been mobilized in virginia. 272 members of the national guard who are now out and helping where needed. and some of those areas where they're needed are areas hit hard by the rain and the flooding. the coastal flooding that has knocked out power to about 55,000 people. so far there are certainly many areas that still have no electricity. you can also see that as the sandbagging efforts are under way to try to keep that flooding from happening, it's not 100% in some cases, they've actually had to an effect people from homes where unfortunately, the sandbagging efforts failed. now, as i take you over a little bit more towards the water, you can see, there are still some people wandering by water's edge. the authorities spent type today encouraging people to please not go that close to the water and certainly, we saw some people earlier taking a swim inho


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